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In my most recent body of work, Between Two Worlds, I’m inspired by narratives where a heroine is led down the rabbit hole, into the woods, or on the yellow brick road – and she finds the answers she’s been searching for within herself.  This series of paintings is a conversation with the creative ghost inside me– a painter is a magician, a conjurer, someone who brings images to life – but where do those images come from exactly?  What about the desire to create them and release them into the world? 

In these paintings, characters like angels, fractured selves of alternate timelines, and spirit guides appeared to me in hazy painterly expressions --  found through creation and destruction, disciplined practice, failure and repetition. I’m considering the artist as a filter for everything she’s ever seen before: While painting, I hear the voices of my artistic muses, I conjure feelings from the music and media and art I’ve consumed, I find my loved ones in making a subjectless portrait – just as in a dream, every face is one you’ve already seen.

Pulling those fuzzy memories of images and forgotten feelings out of abstract shapes on a canvas is magic to me. A painting is an act of devotion, a prayer to the divine, a thank-you for showing me symbols and sensations, a guide towards the path to my higher self. These paintings are a record of my personal growth and healing found through constant conversation on a blank canvas (a mirror) in which I hope you can find yourself reflected somewhere too. 

On view at Redux Contemporary Art Center, Sept 22- Nov 4, 2023

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